Men’s Health Week!

Men’s Health Week: Move more, eat well, watch the booze!

This week is Men’s Health Week #MHW2017 the focus this year is all about reducing BELLY FAT

Head over to Men’s Health Forum for lots of useful information!


So whats the problem with belly fat?

If you are holding extra weight around the middle, you have a big belly/waist it can be an indicator that you are more at risk of health complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems.

The Men’s health forum have suggested getting out the tape measure to see how at risk you are:

” If you have a waist measurement over 37 inches (94cm), you are at increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and erection problems. If it’s over 40 inches (102cm), you’re at a considerably increased risk of all these. The measurement is not the same as your trouser size. Measure your stomach at the belly button”

I’ve put together a few ideas for you too so read on for some small but effective changes you can make, plus a special offer too…..


1. Hydrate!

Cut down on fizzy drinks (including diet versions – as  the artificial sweeteners also pay havoc with your blood sugars), energy drinks (most sports recovery drinks are loaded with sugars), cups of tea, coffee and squash. All of which disrupt your blood sugar balance, if this is unstable then you are more likely to have fat around your middle and struggle to shift it too!

Drink more water and herbal tea throughout the day to stay hydrated – can help with energy levels, concentration, reduce sugar/snack cravings, less headaches and helping support balanced blood sugars. Hello flat stomach! Add mint, slices of orange, watermelon, cucumber to your water to make it more interesting.

Set yourself alarm reminders on your phone/computer to get you into the habit of drinking regularly throughout the day.



2. Cut down on alcohol and sugar

How much are you drinking each week? If you want to shift some belly fat then cutting down on your alcohol consumption is going to help reduce calorie and sugar intake! Think about it terms of drinking your calories – you can easily drink your way through the equivalent of a whole other meal! Start with having some alcohol free days in your week, then when you do drink alcohol be mindful of how much you are having. ie. one – two glasses of wine rather than a bottle!

Reduce sugar in your diet by avoiding white bread, white pasta and processed foods and sugary snacks. Make your own cooking sauces and curries, the pre-prepared jars and packets can be loaded with sugar and salt. Add plenty of colourful vegetables and fruits as well as nuts, seeds, oily fish and pulses. Cooking from fresh is best so you know exactly what is going into your food

There are plenty of recipe ideas on my blog & pinterest page if you are stuck for ideas:

Blog & Pinterest


3. Get moving

Tone up, feel good, get energised and shift more belly fat! Variety and consistency is key to seeing a difference in your measurements and fitness levels. Choose activities you actually enjoy doing which will make it more manageable and less of a chore! Move GB is a great place to start as you can access a huge variety of activities and classes including gyms, swimming pools, rock climbing, yoga, circuit training, running and so much more.


Here is a link to your 10 day free trial with Move GB:  get my free pass





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