Happiness – little everyday routines to keep you feeling good


Last Saturday I was a guest on ‘Happiness Hour’ for BBC radio Bristol with Dr Phil Hammond, this was my first radio interview – if you missed it then here is the link – happiness hour starts at 1hr 10mins into the show:



Along with another guest (life coach) we spent the hour discussing simple everyday things that we do to keep us feeling good and happy! Here is a little insight into the top 4 that I choose as they make up the foundations of keeping me feeling balanced, focused, energised, healthy and of course happy. There are also many other things that I would also include which are also essential to me feeling good such as spending quality time with friends, laughing and making time in my week to do the things I enjoy, also known as  ‘me time’.

If this isn’t in your diary already then I highly recommend adding some, even if you are pushed for time then start with 5 – 10 mins of time each day which is just for you. This might mean having to be clever with how you spend your lunch break or taking 10 minutes after work to unwind before going home. If you have longer than a massage, a relaxing bath or walk in the park can be great additions. Choose things that help you to relax and feel calm.


My 4 choices were: cooking, music, exercise and fresh air



Especially when I have extra time to make new recipe from one of my many cook books. I find cooking therapeutic, creative and relaxing and love to cook for others too. Anything that uses lots of brightly coloured vegetables, herbs and spices. Most of the meals I cook are quick and easy to make due to not having much spare time but I really enjoy taking the time to try a new recipe and spending a bit longer in the kitchen once or twice a week. Satisfying to cook from scratch and so fresh and tasty when you use seasonal/local vegetables.






I love cycling/walking/running/swimming/dancing/yoga – keeps me feeling happy and relaxed.

There are days when I don’t always feel motivated to exercise but always feel better afterwards. I vary the exercise I do and also cycle/walk to work so it fits into my daily routine. Currently training for an outdoor swim 10km in total which feels like a huge challenge at the moment! Not only does it lift my mood but also helps me relax, sleep better and also energises me. I am part of Move GB which means I can vary the type of classes and workouts I do.




Always make sure I get outside for breaks in the fresh air to clear my head especially on a busy work day, lucky to live near park too and have a garden where attempt to grow vegetables, herbs and wild flowers. A few times a week step away from your desk for a lunch time walk outside or even a walk after work can really help clear a busy/stressed head









I love lots of different types of music and this definitely lifts my day – huge variety in what I listen to and this changes depending on what mood I am in or how focused I need to be! Every year I go to a festival with friends to get a good dose of live music and discover new bands, if I had more time then I would be going to more gigs in Bristol as live gigs are fantastic.

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