kate4I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing and began my career as a nurse which I found very rewarding but also stressful. The long hours and intense work began to take its toll and eventually my health began to suffer. I was left feeling very low in energy, frequently run down & ill, my sleep was affected as well as my joy for life.

I had often been unwell throughout my childhood and teens and so I felt it was time to look at my diet & lifestyle and pursue a new approach to health. With each small change I made, not only did I start to feel better, my health and energy levels improved too.

My new approach included: investing time doing the things I enjoyed, exercising regularly, adding a wonderful variety of fresh food into my diet and also spending time learning how to cook healthily and grow food too!

kate5 After leaving my nursing job I spent time helping to manage a lovely coffee shop in Cardiff, serving healthy and fresh food, this was followed by 2 years in Australia working in a school in the first year and then working on a farm, managing volunteers on a tree planting project which involved getting plenty of sunshine and time outside, growing food and gave me time to re-evaluate the direction I was heading. I knew that in my next step I wanted to help others to improve the way they felt too.

Once I was back in the UK with the link between diet/lifestyle and good health in mind, I decided to study nutrition. I enrolled to study Naturopathic Nutrition with CNM, the course gave me in-depth knowledge of nutrition and a lifestyle changes of how to achieve good health. I’m now very happy to be sharing my knowledge with clients and helping people to achieve their wellness goals.

After the course, I worked initially with a Yoga and Detox retreat in Somerset. Then took on a job managing a yoga studio in Bristol while seeing nutrition clients part time. I am now working full time as a Nutritional Therapist working with individual clients as well as working with businesses delivering wellbeing days, combining holistic health advice with creative cooking. I have found that many employees are overworked, stressed and lacking in energy. I show them how making a few simple changes can help improve health, wellbeing and boost energy levels. Within a short time they feel much happier and healthier. I also offer private consultations and workshops within businesses

Working as a nutritionist is such a rewarding job, not only am I helping people to feel happier and healthier, the job has lots of variety and I meet lovely people!

I work in Bristol at Comfort Health Clinic in Clifton & The Camomile Rooms in Cheltenham,  I also offer wellbeing sessions in businesses and offices around Bristol/Cheltenham and travel to businesses around the UK. You can also book Skype sessions with me if more suitable for you.

I am registered with British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and am insured with Balens to see clients.