kate4I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing and began my career as a nurse which I found very rewarding but also stressful. The long hours and intense work began to take its toll and eventually my health began to suffer. I was left feeling very low in energy, frequently run down & ill, my sleep was affected as well as my joy for life.

I had often been unwell throughout my childhood and teens and so I felt it was time to look at my diet & lifestyle and pursue a new approach to health. With each small change I made, not only did I start to feel better, my health and energy levels improved too.

My new approach included: investing time doing the things I enjoyed, exercising regularly, adding a wonderful variety of fresh food into my diet and also spending time learning how to cook healthily and grow food too!

kate5 After leaving my nursing job I spent time helping to manage a lovely coffee shop in Cardiff, serving healthy and fresh food, this was followed by 2 years in Australia working in a school in the first year and then working on a farm, managing volunteers on a tree planting project which involved getting plenty of sunshine and time outside, growing food and gave me time to re-evaluate the direction I was heading. I knew that in my next step I wanted to help others to improve the way they felt too.

Nutrition for health

Once I was back in the UK with the link between diet/lifestyle and good health in mind, I decided to study nutrition. I enrolled to study Naturopathic Nutrition with CNM, the course gave me in-depth knowledge of nutrition and a lifestyle changes of how to achieve good health. I’m now very happy to be sharing my knowledge with clients and helping people to achieve their wellness goals.

Massage for re-balaning, relaxation and restoring.

I also offer holisitic deep tissue massage for nourishing the body – combining a fusion of techniques including deep tissue, stretching, sports massage and relaxation. I trained with Jing Advanced Massage School, who offer some of the best training in the UK. My massage treatments are typically 60 mins long and aimed to reduce stress, pain, dicomfort and tension. At the end of the session leaving you with increased sense of wellbeing and blissful relaxation. I have a love for helping people to nourish and care for themselves, so much can be achieved with good body work and massage and I throughly enjoy seeing clients to help with their wellbeing journey.

I am now working full time as a Nutritional Therapist & Massage Therapist working with individual clients as well as working with businesses delivering wellbeing days, combining holistic health advice with creative cooking. I have found that many employees are overworked, stressed and lacking in energy. I show them how making a few simple changes can help improve health, wellbeing and boost energy levels. Within a short time they feel much happier and healthier. I also offer private consultations, massage sessions and workshops within businesses

Working as a nutritionist & massage therapist is such a rewarding job, not only am I helping people to feel happier and healthier, the job has lots of variety and I meet lovely people!

I work in Bristol at Comfort Health Clinic in Clifton & Inspiring Health Clinic in Falmouth,  I also offer wellbeing sessions in businesses and offices around Bristol/Falmouth and travel to businesses around the UK. You can also book Skype sessions with me if more suitable for you.

I am registered with British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and am insured with Balens to see clients.

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